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Photography is visual communication. Pictures often express more than a thousand words.

On the other hand, pictures alone cannot tell a real story, even if the observer has a good sense of imagination and powers of fantasy. It always depends on the context of the whole: a text can be strengthened by adding a picture.

Harness the power of pictures.

Photography is just a hobby for me and I don't have expensive photo equipment worth, say, 5000 dollars (cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and graphic software). I don't have any special photography training, either. But I did start using a digital camera to take pictures very early on - back when they were new and expensive and before they became as common as today. I still greatly enjoy photography and perhaps one day I will invest in some proper equipment or take some photographer or photography artist courses.

You may purchase a user license from me for many of these pictures. Depending on your intended use, there may be a fee, but often the license is free. If interested, please contact me directly.

Enjoy viewing my pictures!

Thanks and have a great time!
Marek Stapff

PS: Please note the copyright. Ask for my permission in advance before copying them,
it's simpler and less complicated that way.